Postgraduate coursework

Reasons to choose The University of Sydney for postgraduate study

The Office of Postgraduate Coursework and Professional Education supervises a wide range of postgraduate coursework programs for students. Professionals working within – and outside of – education and social work enrol in these courses to further their careers and qualifications and prepare themselves to become leaders in their fields.

The Master of Policy Studies program attracts human-services professionals, including teachers and social workers, working in the community sector, local government, state and federal government organisations, unions, peak bodies and non-government organisations.

Instructional designers and other eLearning professionals are specially catered for in the professional stream of the Master of Learning Sciences and Technology, which is designed to produce managers, advisers, educators and specialists in technology-supported learning for companies, government organisations or educational institutions.

Students who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and meet the prerequisite study requirements, are eligible to enrol in the Master of Indigenous Languages Education.

Education coursework programs

Postgraduate coursework programs specifically designed for education graduates and professionals range from graduate certificates to master's degrees, resulting in qualifications that complement and reflect the interests and needs of students.

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) is designed primarily to introduce university teachers to current principles, practices, debates and research in higher education.

The Master of Education is available either as a generalist MEd or in the following specialist areas:

Social Work coursework programs

An innovative program that was offered for the first time in 2010 is the Graduate Certificate in Human and Community Services, which replaced three individual graduate certificates (Death Dying and Palliative Care; Mental Health Policy and Practice; and Professional Practice Supervision). Combining the best elements of each of the superseded programs, the new graduate certificate better serves professionals involved in policy, practice and research in the human and community services industry.

The Master of Social Work has a reputation for producing graduates with a highly developed capacity to analyse social work practice, research skills and theory development. Applicants may choose to undertake the full master's program or – for those with less time available – enrol in either the graduate certificate (two semesters part-time) or graduate diploma (three semesters part-time).