Sports Coaching

The MEd(Sports Coaching) program has been designed for elite-level coaches and experienced elite athletes seeking to become coaches.

Face-to-face and flexible delivery of units of study by highly respected academics and experts in the field is a feature of the course. Local and overseas students and a range of teaching settings contribute to a unique experience in and beyond the classroom.

By meeting during classes, participants have the opportunity to develop networks across a variety of sports.

The course content builds on students' technical expertise by developing their skills in:

  • communicating ideas clearly to athletes

  • organising training sessions for maximum impact

  • giving and receiving feedback

  • using technology as a coaching tool

  • planning dynamic training programs

  • remaining up-to-date with coaching trends.

Information about the tuition fees and opportunities for further study associated with all Master of Education designations – and their component graduate certificates and graduate diplomas – is published on the MEd home page.

Entry requirements

Although prior completion of a bachelor's degree in education or equivalent is preferred, it is not a prerequisite for admission into the base level course of the master's program, the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Sports Coaching). Applicants for the certificate must, however, have extensive coaching or sporting experience at elite level as well as at least a Level 2 National Coaching Accreditation Scheme qualification. Satisfactory results in the certificate can then be used as a basis for continuing studies in at the diploma and/or master level.

Course structure

To accommodate both the time commitment of coaches and the summer and winter schedules of Australian sport, units are delivered in ‘block’ sessions by a range of methods. These include online, lectures, discussions, practical workshops, group work, guest speakers and case studies.

Each unit consists of 24 contact hours. Four units of study (three of the core units and one elective) comprise the graduate certificate; completing two units of study from the electives' list as well as four core units constitutes a graduate diploma; and successfully completing one unit that may be chosen from any postgraduate program offered by the faculty, in addition to three elective units and four core units is required for the award of a Master of Education (Sports Coaching).

Core/elective units of study

Graduate-diploma and master's students must complete the following four units of study. Graduate-certificate candidates must enrol in at least three but may opt to study all four.

Elective units of study

Graduate-diploma and master's candidates, as well as graduate-certificate students who studied only three core/elective units of study, must complete at least one of the following:

Capstone units of study

The remaining unit of study that must be completed for the award of an MEd(Sports Coaching) may be chosen from those already listed or from the postgraduate units of study published under "Full units of study list" on the Sydney Courses database.