Research Methodology

The MEd(Research Methodology) provides a broad introduction to the world of research and is the foundation for a career in research.

Although this course focuses specifically on methods applied in the discipline of education, its content constitutes a basis for a career in any area of social research. By developing students' research skills, it also provides a strong foundation for research higher degrees, including the MPhil and PhD.

Research careers are not limited to academic positions but extend into corporate and market research, government positions in research and policy, and a wide range of analytical professions. The high level of generic skills in analysis, evaluation and synthesis developed through this course produces graduates who are in high demand.

Information about the entry requirements, tuition fees and opportunities for further study associated with all Master of Education designations – and their component graduate certificates and graduate diplomas – is published on the MEd home page.

Course structure

Classes are held in the evening, are limited to small number of students and encourage collaborative approaches to learning. Typically, topics are introduced and then explored using real-life examples of research. Hands-on experience in data collection and analysis is a feature of the program.

One of the four core units of study, Developing a Research Project (EDPK5003), is specifically designed to help beginners develop their own research proposal document, which can then be used to apply for candidature in a research-based higher degree. Other units of study are shared with current PhD students who are developing their research skills while undertaking their degrees.

The four core units of study comprise the graduate certificate; completing two units of study from the electives' list as well as the core units constitutes a graduate diploma; and successfully completing two units that may be chosen from any postgraduate program offered by the faculty, in addition to two elective units and the four core units is required for the award of a Master of Education (Research Methodology).

Core units of study

All graduate-certificate, graduate-diploma and master's candidates must complete the following units of study.

Elective units of study

Graduate-diploma students must enrol in two of the following units of study; master's candidates, at least two.

The remaining two units of study for the award of an MEd(Research Methodology) may be chosen from those already listed or from postgraduate units of study published under "Full units of study list" on the Sydney Courses database.