Special and Inclusive Education

The MEd(Special and Inclusive Education) program is designed to help candidates develop the skills, knowledge and values needed to specialise in teaching children with special-education needs, or to qualify for appointments as leaders, consultants and resources personnel in special education.

Although graduates are in high demand in mainstream education for their contributions to school communities, the special-education sector – where less than half of all teachers have a formal specialist qualification – remains the staple employer.

The master's program – but not the graduate certificate or graduate diploma – is recognised by the NSW Department of Education and Training as a formal qualification in special and inclusive education, provided all the subjects studied are from the Special Education designation.

Information about the entry requirements, tuition fees and opportunities for further study associated with all Master of Education designations – and their component graduate certificates and graduate diplomas – is published on the MEd homepage.

Course structure

Flexible-assignment requirements, tutorial presentations and topical debates within classes are among the techniques used to encourage students to pursue areas they find of particular interest.

Four units of study (one of the core units and three electives) comprise the graduate certificate; completing four units of study from the electives' list as well as both core units constitutes a graduate diploma; and successfully completing two units that may be chosen from any postgraduate program offered by the faculty, in addition to four elective units and the two core units is required for the award of a Master of Education (Special and Inclusive Education).

Core units of study

Graduate-certificate candidates must enrol in one of the following units of study. Graduate-diploma and master's students must each complete both.

Elective units of study

Graduate-certificate applicants must enrol in three of the following units of study; graduate-diploma students, four; and master's candidates, at least four. Master's candidates who wish their degree to be recognised as a specialist teaching qualification by the NSW DET must complete six of the units listed below in addition to both core units.

Capstone units of study

Only MEd(Special and Inclusive Education) students not seeking to qualify as specialist-recognised teachers should select the remaining two units of study required for their master's from the postgraduate units of study published under "Full units of study list" on the Sydney Courses database.