The University of Sydney Indigenous Research Collaboration

The collaboration was established in 2013 and seeks to bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, both staff and students, from across the school.

Aims of IRC

The aim of the Indigenous Research Collaboration is to promote Indigenous research and support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers in this endeavour. The collaboration clusters Indigenous research activity with the intention of encouraging research intensity and productivity and enacting social change. The collaboration further aims to develop national and international research alliances with leading institutions and researchers with an interest in Indigenous issues.

Objectives of IRC

The goal of the IRC is to raise the profile of Indigenous research and strengthen research activity and publication output in the area of Indigenous research. This will be achieved through the coordination of and support for research activities as well as a range of other activities for staff and students, early-career researchers and postgraduate students working in the area of education and social work. It also involves the mentoring of beginning researchers and the provision of support for established researchers to undertake both individual and collaborative research and get published in the area of Indigenous research.

Main research areas

  • Australian languages, Indigenous-languages education, language revival
  • mandatory Indigenous Studies in teacher education
  • teacher education and professional learning
  • Indigenous teacher
  • social justice and equality
  • Indigenous knowledge theory
  • physical activity
  • social policy
  • social change
  • race and gender
  • colonial histories
  • Aboriginal history

Useful links

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