Major Industrial Project Placement Scholarship (MIPPS) Scheme

The Major Industrial Project Placement Scholarship (MIPPS) Scheme has been successfully running since 2000. Its aim is to embed some of the top 25% of final year undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students for six months fulltime in leading companies (listed below are this year's placements and project summaries, and prior years). The projects the students undertake are of benefit to themselves, the company and the school's profile.

Typically the scheme has involved 10 to 15 students each year. Over 175 students have now been part of the MIPPS program with over 20 companies having participated in this scheme. Some of the companies involved this year have been with the program since the start, a testament to the value the companies see in the program. The companies have paid a small fee of $29,500 for the 2015 scheme, which covers the student scholarship and academic supervision fees. Overseas and interstate living costs are an extra cost to the host company. This year there are 3 overseas placements with Dow Chemical, a wonderful opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in other cultures and the workplace at the same time.

Participating companies value MIPPS for the outcomes of the projects and exposure to the top students. Many of these students are recruited by the participating company after graduation. It is a very good vehicle for the company to deepen its relationship with the School, Faculty and the University. MIPPS remains the premier undergraduate program in the School’s offerings for the foreseeable future.

For more information with regards to MIPPS please contact our MIPPS Coordinator:
Annette Karydis.
P: +61 2 9351 5019

Faculty Focus: Venturing into unchartered territory

Students in the MIPPS scheme

MIPPS recipients Isaac Carney and Grace Henry

The following is an extract from the faculty news page.

This year 16 students, the biggest cohort to date, will be working for companies like BOC, Dow, Sydney Water, Qenos, Parkes Shire Council, Ab Mauri, Goldenfields Water County Council, Hazer Group, Oil Search Limited, Orora and Visy, within Australia and across the globe, and will get a taste of life as a professional engineer.

Masters of Professional Engineering third year student, Isaac Carney has received his placement at Dow in Sadara, Saudi Arabia, where he will be working on the manufacturing of reverse osmosis membranes to improve water desalination.

Isaac is awed at the opportunity to work at a plant with the size and scope of Dow and will develop his Masters thesis through the research he undertakes during his placement. “The scale of Dow’s work means their projects are cutting edge. The things you get to work on can only happen at a plant of that size,” he said.

“Desalination in the Middle East is vital and anything I can do to improve the capability will be such an achievement for me.”


  • AB Mauri Technology and Development Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW
  • BOC Ltd., North Ryde, NSW
  • Dow, Sadara, Saudia Arabia (2 students)
  • Dow Chemical Australia Ltd., Geelong, VIC
  • Dow Chemical Australia Ltd., Altona, VIC
  • Goldenfields Water County Council, Temora, NSW
  • Hazer Group Ltd, Sydney, NSW (2 students)
  • Orora Limited, Matraville, NSW
  • Osaka Gas, Osaka City, Japan
  • Papuan Oil Search Limited, Sydney, NSW
  • Parkes Shire Council, Parkes, NSW
  • Qenos, Botany, NSW
  • Sydney Water, Parramatta, NSW
  • Visy, Smithfield, NSW