Why Join the Waste Transformation Research Hub?

Value Proposition

The Waste Transformation Research Hub will bring together expertise from industry, researchers and leading academics to jointly contribute to transforming Australia’s waste industry.

The University will seek government support under the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Hub (ITRH) program.

Other funding sources will also be sought, in order to facilitate the building of substantial capabilities that will provide Australian businesses with access to expertise and knowledge, as well as advanced research facilities, directed towards developing local solutions for future sustainable manufacturing
and business operations.

Involvement of Industry

Our consultations with industry over the past two years have identified a key need for transformative waste research.

Feedback received from large and small businesses across all sectors of the economy– combined with the success of our 2015 and 2016 industry–University workshops – have informed our decision to establish a national-scale research hub that will transform and foster further Australian innovation in waste processing.

An industry-led research opportunity

Crushed Cans

The University of Sydney’s world-leadingresearchers are already undertaking pioneering research in waste-management and waste-processing technologies.

We are now inviting key industry partners to join us in establishing a world-leading Waste Transformation Research Hub – a nationalscale collaborative industry consortium that will support Australia’s waste industry into the future and make significant contributions to resolving our national waste challenges, and ultimately those of the global community.

For industry this will mean facilitating the conversion of waste and other low-value streams into high-value chemicals and superior products and processes, driving sales growth and creating additional sources of raw materials.

For the wider community it will mean more efficient resource management and energy consumption, and new jobs and opportunities.

For Australia and the global community it will mean significantly reduced landfill, use of new raw materials, and associated environmental impacts.

"Australia's Future waste industry needs deep transformation built on the concept of a circular economy."
-Associate Professor Alia Abbas
-School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering