About the Centre

Opera House

The Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science is an interdisciplinary research centre exploring the historical, philosophical and cultural underpinnings of science, technology and medicine. It aims at self-reflective discourses within and among all disciplines studying the ways in which we know our world and ourselves.

Our permanent fellows come from the Faculties of Science, Arts and Medicine, and their research is concentrated along a number of over-lapping subjects:

  • History of Early Modern Science
  • History and Philosophy of Modern Technoscience
  • History of Medicine
  • History and Philosophy of Biology
  • History and Philosophy of Psychiatry
  • Language and Memory
  • New Agendas for the Study of Time
  • Foundations of Physics
  • Logic and Decision Theory
  • Biohumanities

Our mission is to create an intellectual environment promoting collaboration between our members and the institutional setting to support it. We welcome visiting fellows who can contribute to and benefit from this collaboration.