A day in the life of Lachlan Dellar

Bachelor of Veterinary Science

Photo of Lachlan Dellar

7am Since it’s sunny today I’m heading to the outdoor pool at Victoria Park for my morning swim. On colder days I go to the Aquatic Centre’s indoor pool.

9am First lecture is on animal nutrition. Amazing lecturer knows all 46 hours of lectures off by heart. Added bonus is that he sounds like David Attenborough.

11am After a genetics lecture and a much-needed coffee we head into a statistics tutorial in the computer labs. Here we get into groups to work through the exercises (and make a lot of noise).

1pm Lunchtime entertainment is a guest lecturer giving a talk on emergency treatment of exotic pets. Afterwards I run into some first years who are excited about visiting the University farms tomorrow for some large animal handling.

2pm On my way to an anatomy lecture I swing by Badham library to check emails and pick up a book. Also find and borrow an awesome DVD on dissection.

3pm Time to swap thongs for shoes and put on my lab coat, as I’ve got two hours of dissection lab. Today is neuroanatomy of the dog and sheep.

5pm After washing up I meet up with some mates and head to Newtown for some Thai.