A day in the life of Mitchell Skipsey

Combined Bachelor of Laws/International and Global Studies

Photo of Mitchell Skipsey

7.30am It seems too early for my alarm to be going off – I need a shower to wake up and start my day.

10am A coffee from the cafe gets me focused for my first lecture of the day – Australia’s foreign and Defence Policy.

12pm Lunch at Wentworth begins as study time then morphs into a chat with friends about our last lecture. I’ll finish my readings later.

1pm Theatresports is on at Manning Bar. The teams this year are always good value, and I enjoy having something fun to break up my day before I dive into my next lecture on public international law.

4pm My tutorial on current global issues inspires a stimulating discussion of various sustainability mechanisms over the coming century. Now I’m off to the square for Ultimate Frisbee training.

6pm Exhausted and starving. It’s definitely home time. Redfern station is just a tantalising 10-minute walk away.

6.30pm One of my housemates has cooked a fantastic curry for dinner. I’m on washing up duty, which I’ll do while we’re watching this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

10pm Finally finished my readings. Now it's time to wind down for bed.