Overseas exchange

Exchange in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture

The faculty may approve international exchange for qualified students who have completed at least one full year of study. All students must complete the final semester of third year at the University of Sydney. Exchange will not be considered for honours.

Exchanges may be for one semester only. Students must apply through the Study Abroad and Exchange unit of the International Office. Each student's program must be approved in consultation with the Degree Program Director.

Exchange students are required to enrol in a full-time load at the University of Sydney whilst on exchange, and will incur the tuition costs associated with that load. No tuition costs will be incurred with the partner university.

Specially designated units of study will be recorded on the students' transcript. A result of 'R' for 'Satisfied Requirements' will be recorded by the University against each successfully completed unit of study. The transcript of the exchange University will be the official detailed record of exactly what was completed during the exchange. Exchange results will not count against a student's weighted average mark.

For more information please contact either the Study Abroad and Exchange Office or the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning Student Administration Centre.

Exchange units of study

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Bachelor of Design in Architecture exchange units

Year 2 core units of study

Architecture Exchange Studio 201
6      Semester 1
Architecture Exchange Technologies 2
6      Semester 1
Architecture Exchange Communications 2
6      Semester 1
Semester 2
Architecture Exchange Studio 202
6      Semester 2
Architecture Exchange History/Theory 2
6      Semester 2

Year 2 elective units of study

Architecture Exchange Elective 2A
6      Semester 1
Architecture Exchange Elective 2B
6      Semester 2
Architecture Exchange Elective 2C
6      Semester 1
Semester 2

Year 3 core units of study

Architecture Exchange Studio 301
6      Semester 1
Architecture Exchange History/Theory 3
6      Semester 1
Architecture Exchange Communications 3
6      Semester 1

Year 3 elective units of study

Architecture Exchange Elective 3A
6      Semester 1