Cycling to Cumberland Campus

Cycling to Uni is a great alternative to driving or public transport. Cumberland is located in the centre of Sydney and relatively gentle in grade from most surrounding suburbs so it is suitable for riders of all levels of fitness.

Cycling route maps and guides

The RTA provides a number of cycling route maps and other guides:

Cycling on the Cumberland Campus

Cyclists are reminded to use care and foresight at all times when cycling on the Cumberland campus. The normal rules of the road must be obeyed when cycling on campus.

Berkelbikes should not be used in areas used by motor traffic. In such areas, Berkelbike users should use public footpaths, with care and foresight to avoid inconveniencing pedestrians.

Parking your bike

Bike parking facilities:

  • Inside Gate 1 approximately 15 metres up the 1st path on your left as you enter Gate 1 (covered parking)
  • Behind Block R opposite B Block as you enter from Gate 1 (covered parking)
  • Corner of A Block Near Bus Stop and Front Lawn
  • Outside Block H outside the main doors to the right as you enter.

Map of Cumberland Campus and bike parking locations

Lock your bike
Always bring your own cable and lock to secure your bike.

Shower Facilities

Shower facilities are available on Campus:

  • JDV Foodcourt washrooms
  • Block R Basement washrooms
  • Block H Ground Floor and Level 1 washrooms