Our strategic goals

To ensure our faculty meets the challenges of the future and achieves our vision (as detailed above), we have developed a strategic plan that will guide our focus between now and 2015.

In summary, we will:

  1. develop and sustain a critical mass of researchers in a limited number of areas that are
    self-evident as health sciences/allied health research
  2. ensure we deliver high-quality, research-enriched learning and teaching programs which offer students the opportunity to pursue a career in an allied health profession; in a corporate role in health; or as academics/health sciences researchers
  3. increase participation of students from culturally and socially diverse backgrounds in order to build a health workforce appropriate for Australia's social and cultural diversity
  4. be present in the public domain, nationally and internationally, through our writing, research, commentary and presence
  5. develop and sustain a network of supporters and strategic partners to uphold, develop and build on our vision.