Our strategic goals

Our mission

We are known for excellence. Students are at the centre of our education, and people at the centre of our research. Our graduates are global citizens, who solve issues critical to health and wellbeing in partnership with clients, communities, industries and professional and health groups. We prepare our graduates for current and future work roles and environments. Our high impact research is acknowledged and translated into practice and policy nationally and internationally. The wellbeing of our staff and students is critical to our success.

Five Year Strategy Statement
Within 5 years we will be known nationally and internationally for the impact of our transformational education and research. Our research will be deeply embedded with our global partners.

Our Staff
Our diverse academic and professional staff are energetic, courageous leaders in their fields who share the Faculty’s vision and positively contribute to the culture of the faculty.

Our Education
Our diverse graduates are leaders and courageous agents of change who are influential in their workplaces and community. They solve problems and shape new directions. They are committed to educating future generations.

Our education is future focussed, internationalised, Indigenised and inclusive. Our graduates have strong foundational knowledge and skills in technology, communication, reasoning, research and interprofessional practice as well as excellent professional competence. Graduates rate highly their learning experience at FHS.

Our Partnerships
Our partnerships with industry, government, the health sector, communities, alumni and donors are authentic, mutually beneficial, and embedded to achieve our shared vision.

Our Research
Our innovative research is well-funded, and impacts on health and well-being globally. Our multidisciplinary, collaborative research is known for being translational and influential.

Our Move
We will embrace the opportunities presented by our move to Camperdown and re-imagine our education, research, culture and environment.