Research in Implementation Science and eHealth Group (RISe)

What is the RISe group

The Research in Implementation Science and eHealth (RISe) Group is a unit within the Faculty of Health Sciences. We work at the nexus between practice, behaviour change and service improvement.

Led by Professor of eHealth, Tim Shaw, RISe is at the forefront of the emerging fields of eHealth and Implementation Science and our primary research emphasis is on the impact of new technologies on clinician and consumer behaviour and outcomes. With a number of high profile grants and consultancies totally over $13M, we aspire to be recognised as a global leader in Implementation Science and eHealth.

RISe works closely with a wide range of organisations, both nationally and internationally, including government departments, health service providers, professional colleges and translational research centres.

RISe supports its mission of supporting the uptake of evidence-based care into practice by:

  • Researching effective ways of implementing change in the health system
  • Working with health systems to improve collection and impact of health data
  • Developing novel and high impact educational solutions
  • Providing consultancy and advice
  • Building partnerships and networks across the sector.

Group leadership

Professor Tim Shaw

Professor Tim Shaw is the inaugural Professor of eHealth and Director of Research in Implementation Science and eHealth Group (RISe) in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney.

He is an internationally recognised leader in the impact of technology on healthcare and translation of evidence into practice and policy. He works at the interface between quality improvement, professional development and implementation science to ensure the rapid and sustained uptake of innovation. Over the last 5 years CI Shaw has been CI on over 20 grants and consultancies totalling over $12M.

Key Affiliates

  • Honorary Associate Professor Meredith Makeham is a general practitioner in Sydney, a patient safety researcher with the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, and a patient safety advisor to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Her major research interests include patient safety, incident reporting and learning systems, and the safe use of digital health technologies and the national My Health Record system. She has recently commenced as the Chief Medical Adviser to the Australian Digital Health Agency.
  • Honorary Associate Professor Anne Miller holds the Office of the Chief Clinical Information Officer at eHealth NSW. In the last 8 years, Anne has had the role as an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University and Macquarie University. She has a strong educational background, her most recent holding the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) in Psychology (Human Factors) (2002-2006).
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Cheryl McCullagh is the Director of Clinical Integration at The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. She is a Senior Health Executive with more than 25 years of experience in health services in South Australia and New South Wales. In the past 10 years, Cheryl has held executive roles reporting directly to the CE of my respective organisations. She has experience in operational and strategic clinical management, workforce and resource restructure, revenue and eHealth implementations, data acquisition, analysis and projections for service planning.

Contact us

Professor Tim Shaw
Ph (02) 9351 5181

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