Virtual desktop

Virtual desktops have been rolled out to all ICT computing space and all university libraries.

Wherever the virtual desktop is available, you will have access to:

  • Hundreds of applications, including course-specific software that was previously only available in specialist teaching labs.
  • Your own Windows 7 environment that you can personalise. You can change things like language, appearance settings and bookmarks, and these settings will be there each time you log in to a virtual desktop computer.
  • You can also print and scan from your virtual desktop.

In all ICT spaces where you can find a virtual desktop, you can also wirelessly print from your own device.

Getting started

You can use a virtual desktop at any ICT computing space or library. To use a virtual desktop, you will need to log in with your UniKey. Once logged in, the Citrix Receiver application will start and you can add the specific programs you would like to use. To add more apps, go into the start menu and press Select more apps.

If you have any questions about your virtual desktop, visit our FAQ page

Where do I get more help with the virtual desktop?

To get help you can:

  1. Visit an ICT Learning Hub and speak to a staff member.
  2. Call the ICT Helpdesk on 9351 6000.