What is GRASP?

GRASP is a network drive that is provided to Faculties who require:

  1. storage to distribute large file data to students within faculties or units of study
  2. solutions to allow large files assignment submission
  3. student personal local storage to store files that require access by a specified software as part of their curriculum.

Large files are:

  • files that are too large to store in the University Learning Management System (LMS)- 2GB per file limitation
  • files that are too large to store in SkyDrive- 100MB per file limitation

Important message

In the case of data loss, corruption or denial of access, ICT will endeavour to retrieve the data from the earliest available back-up or resume the service as quickly as possible. To avoid such a problem at critical times such as when assignments are due, it is important that you have your own back-up or replication of your data in different devices. Please note that the University's Assessment Policy always needs to be taken into consideration as its rules apply to all students.