Print, scan and copy

Looking to print, scan or copy? You’ll find devices across campus at our Learning Hubs, Access Labs and libraries.


  1. You can print using the SydPay or the UniKey systems. SydPay printers are available in all libraries and learning hubs across the Darlington/Camperdown campus. UniKey printers can be found in all other areas.
  2. [[b:Note]] We are gradually phasing out the UniKey payment system and related printers. While you can recharge your UniKey account in the meantime, we recommend limiting your top-up amount to what you expect to use in the short term only.
Printing with SydPay Print with your UniKey
Ensure you have enough funds for your print job Make sure you have enough funds on your UniKey account
Log onto a Vitrual Desktop Log onto a Virtual Desktop
Send your print job to “follow-me-grayscale on sydpay” (for greyscale) or "follow-me-colour on sydpay" (for colour) Send your document to ICT-VIRTUAL-BW (for grayscale) or ICT-VIRTUAL-COLOUR (for colour)
Walk over to any SydPay Follow Me printer and tap your student card on the reader At the printer, log onto the print release station with your UniKey, then select your document from the queue
Select your print job, press print and collect your print job  
Log off by tapping your card before leaving  

Wireless printing

You can print directly from your own laptop without having to use a Virtual Desktop. See instructions for printing wirelessly.


We also offer free scanning across our Learning Hubs. Documents can be scanned directly to your email or USB.

Copying (at libraries)

Copying facilities are available at libraries, and can be paid for with either your SydPay account or a library Monitor card. Find a library near you.

Printing costs

Our printing costs are standard across the University's libraries and Learning Hubs and are competitive to other institutions.

Size Colour S Cost per sheet
A4 Black and white Single-sided 10c
Double-sided 20c
Colour Single-sided 40c
Double-sided 80c
A3 Black and white  Single-sided 20c
Double-sided 40c
Colour  Single-sided 80c
Double-sided $1.60