Print and scan

Looking to print or scan? You’ll find devices across campus at our Learning Hubs and Access Labs.

Note: Student printing prices are changing soon. Keep a look out for further information.


  1. Make sure you have enough funds on your UniKey account
  2. Log onto a Virtual Desktop.
  3. Send your document to ICT-VIRTUAL-BW (for black and white) or ICT-VIRTUAL-COLOUR (for colour)
  4. At the printer, log onto the Print Release Station with your UniKey, then select your document from the queue

We also have wireless printing for MacBooks and Windows laptops.

Printing costs

The cost of printing reflects the number of sheets of paper used, rather than the number of sides you print on. Printing on one side of an A4 piece of paper will cost you the same as printing on both sides.

Size Colour Cost per sheet
A4 Black and white 10c
Colour 50c
A3 Black and white 60c
Colour $1


We also offer free scanning across our Learning Hubs. Documents can be scanned directly to your email or USB.