About my UniKey

What is a UniKey?

Your UniKey is a login and password that provides you with access to a multitude of services and facilities. You can find your UniKey on your confirmation of enrolment letter. If you are an international student, you will receive instructions on how to get your UniKey once you have officially accepted your offer to study at the University.

What can I access with my UniKey account?

Below are the key services that can be accessed using your UniKey account:



MyUni and administration

Use your UniKey account to log in to MyUni student portal and online Student Administration Services.

Student email

The University's email system is called Student Mail. You can log into Student Mail using your email address and your UniKey password.


Most units of study provide resources such as lecture notes, recordings and assessment details online through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Student software

Use your UniKey to access installation files for University-licensed student software.

University wireless network

You can connect your laptop, tablet or mobile to the University's wireless network using your UniKey as credentials.

Why do I need money on my UniKey account?

As well as accessing the free services above, you can use your UniKey account to print at ICT computing spaces, pay library fines online, purchase study notes and access many other University systems.

What is the code of conduct for accessing ICT services using my UniKey account?

All use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources, including your UniKey account and the services attached to this account, are governed by the University's Code of Conduct and Conditions of Use and also outlined in the Policy on the Use of University ICT Resources.

When you activate your UniKey account, you are prompted to read the code of conduct and cannot continue without agreeing to the terms. Non-compliance with the terms of the ICT Resources policy and code of conduct will be investigated and may lead to the termination of your enrolment.