UniKey account expiry

UniKey accounts are issued to students, staff and some affiliates of the University of Sydney.

These accounts can be used to access many resources across the organisation. Some of the services using UniKey authentication are listed here.

Access to these services, and therefore UniKey accounts, is only available to people as long as they have a current affiliation with the University.

In most cases accounts are expired as a result of information gathered from the University's HR and Student Records systems. For affiliate, honorary and contract staff, the expiry date is set at the time of account creation and must be updated manually.

Alumni Email

The University has launched Alumni Email, a new, free service for all alumni. Log into AlumniOnline, activate your account there, and then click on the links to Alumni Email.

If you are a graduating student, you will bring your Sydney Mail student email account with you into the Alumni Community.

Balance remaining on expiring accounts (Refunds)

If you had a balance listed in your UniKey account expiry notice, your account had credit remaining at the time the expiry email was sent. You can check your current UniKey account balance here.

Once your UniKey account has expired we will reduce your account balance by $5 per month until it reaches zero. This process will NOT put your account into a negative balance.

If you would like to withdraw the remaining balance of your account in cash, ICT can provide a petty cash claim for the balance of your account. This can then be redeemed at the Cashier's Office located in the Jane Foss Russell Building.

Petty cash claims must be filled out in person at the Fisher Access Centre located on Level 2 of Fisher Library. For more information please contact us (02) 9351 5449.

If you topped up your UniKey account using an online credit card payment, you can refund any unused credit via an online form. Your balance is then transferred back onto the same credit card which you initially paid with. This service can be accessed via this credit card refund form.

Alternately if you have friends or family with continuing UniKey accounts, you may transfer your remaining balance to their accounts. This service can be accessed via the web here.

New students who have received a UniKey expiry notice

Student UniKey accounts are automatically extended for each semester that you are enrolled. If you have received an email saying your account is due to expire, this means that at the time the email was sent, you were not enrolled in units of study. If you subsequently enrolled, your UniKey account will already have been extended. Please confirm this by checking your current UniKey account expiry date here.

If you believe you were already enrolled at the time the UniKey expiry notification was sent, there are two possible explanations:

  • Your faculty may not yet have processed your enrolment details on the University's Student Records system. In this situation you should contact your faculty about your enrolment.
  • You may be studying with a department that does not use the University's Student Records system. Two examples of these departments are the LEC and LPAB. In this situation your department needs to send notification to the ICT Helpdesk as to which student UniKey accounts should be extended. Please contact your department administration directly about this issue.

Requesting UniKey account extensions

For information on how to request an extension of your UniKey account, please click on the button below: