Other UniKey transactions

Pay library fines

You can use your UniKey account to pay library fines on the Library website.

Order student notes

You can use your UniKey account to order student notes online using your existing balance or our credit card payment gateway.

Request refund

If your last payment on your UniKey account was made online using your credit card, you can get a refund to that credit card using the form below.

  • We refund to credit cards for which it has previously accepted a payment.
  • If you have paid for your account by cash, cheque or by EFTPOS debit card, these cannot be refunded to your credit card. You will need to come in person to the Fisher Access Lab and fill in a refund form, which you will then need to take to Cashier's Office, located in the Jane Foss Russell Building (next to the Wentworth Building).
  • There is a 25 cent transaction fee charged against your UniKey account when your refund is processed. You will be charged this fee even if your refund request is declined so make sure that your payment details are correct before submitting them for processing.
  • After your transaction is processed you will be given a transaction ID. You should record this in case you need to make any query about your refund in the future.
  • Please do not press the stop button while your transaction is being processed.

To request a refund for a UniKey account credit card payment you need to use this secure online form.

GST invoice

The GST tax invoice facility will provide you with a printable receipt of account charges for a specified month, broken down into GST and non-GST.

To request a GST tax invoice, use this secure online form.