My UniKey password

What are the rules for creating an acceptable UniKey password?

Creating a password that is difficult to guess improves the security of your account. Your new UniKey password must:

  1. contain both upper and lower case letters and at least one number
  2. be exactly eight characters
  3. not contain non-English characters, the space character ( ), the ampersand character (&) or the 'less than' character (<), and
  4. not be based on an English word or contain your UniKey

What happens if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your UniKey password, you can have your password reset over the phone by contacting the ICT Helpdesk. You will be asked security questions to confirm your identity. If your account details are not complete or are incorrect then you will not be able to have your password reset over the phone.

Alternatively, you can visit an ICT Learning Hub where they will reset your password for you on the spot. You will need to provide photo ID.

What does 'synchronise my password' mean?

Synchronising your password ensures your UniKey password is the same across all different systems, allowing you to use the same password if you have multiple UniKey accounts.

You may occasionally need to synchronise your account if:

  • you know what your password is but you cannot log into one system when you know your password works for everything else.
  • you have multiple accounts and you know a password for one of your accounts and not the other. Synchronising your password will change the password across all other accounts to the one you know.
  • you have been migrated to the Exchange system and you need to synchronise your password with that system

Synchronise your password here.

What do I do if I try to synchronise my password and it doesn't work?

If you have a secondary UniKey account and you know the password of that account, try to use your second UniKey and password to synchronise across all of your accounts.

If you attempted synchronise your password several times and receive the message that the UniKey password you entered is incorrect, you will need to be issued with a new UniKey password. To do this you will need to either contact your Master User, request a new password over the phone by contacting ICT Helpdesk or speak to a staff member at an ICT Learning Hub.