Using the University wireless network

If you are a student at the University of Sydney you can use the wireless network to browse the internet.

This section of the ICT website contains information about the wireless network.

To connect to the University wireless:

  1. Enable wireless on your device.
  2. Select UniSydney from the list of available wireless networks.
  3. Click Connect or Join.
  4. When prompted for your credentials, enter the following:
    username: your UniKey (eg abcd1234)
    password: your UniKey password
  5. If you receive a warning to intall/trust a security certificate, ensure the certificate name is and click Connect or Accept.

Where can I access the wireless network from?

Most library and union buildings have wireless access coverage, however the strength of your connection will depend on your distance from the wireless access point. To view the wireless hotspots on each campus, view wireless coverage maps below.

  • Camperdown/Darlington campuses
  • Conservatorium of Music
  • Cumberland
  • Levels 6-9 of the Sydney Dental Hospital, Surry Hills
  • 1 Mons Road, Westmead

Can I get wireless in other Universities?

You can connect to the eduroam wireless network at other select institutions using your UniKey credentials.