College internet access

All University of Sydney colleges (Mandelbaum House, Sancta Sophia, St Andrew's, St John's, St Paul's, Women's, Wesley and Sydney Uni Village) are now using either Cirrus or Big Air as their internet service providers (ISP).

The external ISP manages everything to do with this network, including infrastructure, so the University’s ICT Helpdesk has no visibility on internal infrastructure and cannot activate data ports.

As a college student you can still use the University network to access study-related materials on University systems, such as MyUni, the LMS, Sydney Mail and the Library website. In those colleges where its still possible to access the internet via the University network, this service is primarily for study and research use.

What do I do if I have a faulty port?

Ports are managed by your college’s external ISP (either Cirrus or Big Air). Contact your college administration staff to log a technical support call to the ISP.

I’ve always used the University proxy to access external sites (eg Facebook, Google). What do I do now?

You need to connect to the internet using your college's external ISP? Continuous use of the University’s proxy to access external sites will result in slow connection speeds, and you are likely to experience connectivity issues such as being constantly prompted to enter your UniKey and password.

I’m having issues connecting to the University network. What do I do?

Contact your college administration staff from the list below, so that they can log a ticket to the ICT Helpdesk on your behalf. Our Helpdesk cannot address connectivity issues raised by individual college students, even if the issue concerns the University’s network.

To test if the problem is actually the college’s connection with the University’s network, ping the relevant IP address for your college:

Residential College IP Address
Mandelbaum House 
Sancta Sophia College  
St Andrew's College  
St John's College  
St Paul's College   
Women's College  
Wesley College  
Sydney University Village 

You can do this by opening the Command Prompt (Windows) or a new Terminal session (Mac OSX). Then type the word 'ping' followed by the IP address. For example, ping

What are the contact details for my college’s administration staff?