Long Eighteenth Century Reading Group

William Beckford and Vathek

Friday 10 October 2014

Rogers Room
John Woolley Building
The University of Sydney

Led by Judy Barbour.

Past Meetings

12 September 2014

Nahum Tate, The Ingratitude of a Commonwealth; or, The Fall of Coriolanus (1681) (PDF)

John Dennis, The Invade of His Country; or, The Fatal Resentment (1719) (PDF)

13 June 2014

Wordsworth's First Steps

9 May 2014

Helen Maria Williams
Helen Maria Williams Letters 1790 (PDF)

Helen Maria Williams Letters 1794 (PDF)

4 April 2014

"Moonites and Quixotes" led by Amelia Dale
Preface to Eaton Stannard Barrett, The Heroine

7 February 2014

"The Improvement of Harry Ormond: Edgeworth's Ormond, Character Networks, and the Bildungsroman" led by Michael Falk

1 November 2013

"Erasmus Darwin, fifty shades of green" led by Judy Barbour and Alexandra Hankinson

4 October 2013

"Actresses and Affect" led by Penny Gay and Amelia Dale

13 September 2013

"Betwixt and Between" led by Jennifer Milam

16 August 2013

"Spenser and Romantic Spensarianism" led by Claire Hanson and Elias Greig

7 June 2013

Slavery, Abolitionism and Equiano

3 May 2013

"Literary Reactions to William Godwin" (PDF) led by Elias Greig and Amelia Dale

12 April 2013

Edward Young’s "Night Thoughts"