Australian and international collaborators

The Sydney Intellectual History Network involves cooperation between the University of Sydney (SIHN@Sydney) and the University of Western Sydney (SIHN@UWS).

Our combined interest is in expanding this network to include researchers at other institutions in the Greater Sydney area. We also intend to build collaborations with researchers elsewhere in Australia and within the Asia-Pacific region. Many of our researchers collaborate internationally with individuals at institutions in North America and Europe.

At the University of Sydney, SIHN cooperates with three Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Collaborative Research:

  • Global Sensibilities Group – The New History of Ideas
    Coordinated by
  • 'Undoing the Ancient' Research Group
    Coordinated by
  • Putting Periodisation to Use: Exploring the Limits of Modernity
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Australian Collaborators

Dr Alastair Blanshard

Alastair Blanshard

Department of Classics and Ancient History
School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics
Faculty of Arts
The University of Queensland

International Collaborators

Associate Professor Alexandra Cook

Alexandra Cook

Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
School of Humanities
University of Hong Kong
Fellow of the Linnean Society, London

Alexandra Cook has published extensively on Jean-Jacques Rousseau's botanical works as well as on Carolus Linnaeus. These publications include a translation of Rousseau's botanical writings into English (Hanover, NH, 2000) and a substantial scholarly monograph, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and botany: the salutary science (Oxford, 2012). Jean-Jacques Rousseau and botany has been awarded the Faculty of Arts Research Outputs Prize 2012-13 and the 2013 John Thackray Medal of the Society for the History of Natural History, London.

Dr Cook’s research research focuses on taxonomic concepts in eighteenth-century thought, and in particular how taxonomization of nature relates to the totality of Rousseau’s thought - including his political, social and musical theory. She has made a particularly important contribution by exposing the relevance of the eighteenth-century Swiss scientific context to Rousseau’s botany.

Dr Cook has secured over HKD 1 million in competitive external funding from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong SAR, and she has received many invitations to share her expertise with European colleagues, especially during the Rousseau tercentenary in 2012. This work has included a significant engagement with the wider European public, including a bilingual exhibit that she curated in the Botanical Garden of Geneva, Switzerland: 'Je raffole de la botanique/I am crazy about botany'. This exhibit, ideally situated in Geneva’s UN quarter, attracted tens of thousands of visitors, and received rave reviews in the press. She also contributed to exhibit catalogues for the tercentenary celebrations in Montmorency, France and Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Dr Cook's current research projects include editing the botanical portion of Rousseau's Ĺ’uvres complètes (Classiques Garnier) and a project on the 'herbarium as scientific object: 1545-present'. In Fall 2014 she will hold an Honorary Fellowship at the Historisches Kolleg, Munich, to pursue this research project.

Associate Professor Cecilia Lim

Cecilia Lim

Department of Philosophy
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore