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International students

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Key contacts in the International Portfolio

Role Contact details Responsibilities
Director, International Ms Sandra Meiras Responsible for the implementation of the University's international strategy.
Executive Assistant to the Director, International Ms Susan Woodbury Assists the Director, International.
Executive Officer Ms Sheelagh Douglas Primary liaison for human resources and finance for the International Portfolio.
International Leaders Program Manager Ms Shirley Xu Delivers customised training for emerging and senior leaders from government, industry and academia.
International Development Manager (Resources) Mr Thomas Soem Leads the identification, development and management of international projects and engagement opportunities in strategic-directed research, technical assistance and mobility (focused on grants and tenders) with multilateral organisations and bilateral government agencies.
Manager, Regional Strategy and Reporting Mr Richard North Monitoring and reporting of the University's international regional strategy.
General Manager of the Confucius Institute Ms Xing Jin Manages the activities of the Confucius Institute to promote Chinese language and culture.

Regional experts

Contact Area of responsibility
Ms Mary Wang China
Ms Amanda Sayan South Asia
Mr Ben Davis Southeast Asia
Mr Andrew Morrison Japan, Korea and the Pacific
Ms Sandra Margon Europe and the Middle East
Ms Victoria Romaniuk North America and South America
Vacant Africa