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Dr Stefano Palomba

Dr Stefano Palomba

Dr Stefano Palomba is an Experimental Physicist in Nanophotonic and Nanoplasmonic technologies, aimed to design and develop the next generation of integrated optical devices. He is a Senior Lecturer in Experimental Nanophotonics and he is establishing a world class Nanophotonic and Nanoplasmonic experimental facility at the School of Physics. The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art femtosecond-OPO laser system for visible and infrared investigations along with a Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope for Nano-Optic research and a wide range of other vital equipment necessary to achieve breakthroughs in Nanophotonics.

He completed his Laurea degree as Optoelectronic Engineer at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy - 2002) and a Nanotechnology specialization course at the Universita' degli Studi (Italy - 2003). He earned a PhD degree in Nanoscale Physics from the Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory at the University of Birmingham (UK - 2007). In the years 2007-2009 he worked as Postdoctoral Fellow in Professor Lukas Novotny’s Nano-Optics group at the Institute of Optics, the University of Rochester (NY, USA). From 2009 to 2011, he worked as Research Fellow in Professor Xiang Zhang's group at the University of California, Berkeley (USA).
In the years 2011-2013,heworkedas ResearchScientistatKLA-TencorCorporation,Milpitas (California, USA), in the Technology Group, Wafer Inspection Division. In 2013 he was appointed as Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Stefano’s expertise in Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Linear and Nonlinear Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, Metamaterials and Biophysics has led to various high impact publications and Technical Presentations at internationally recognised meetings.

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