Research training

The KCPC offers training for undergraduate and postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and professionals working in the field of polymers and/or colloids.

The Key Centre trains research (graduate) students at Honours/Grad.Dip.Sci and Masters/Doctoral levels. Prospective students interested can find out about this research training and scholarships (PhD/graduate scholarships are available) within the KCPC.

The Key Centre staff are happy to provide advice to school and undergraduate students interested in pursuing study and research in materials science and/or polymer science or engineering. The Centre has prepared a suggested course structure for students studying within a broad undergraduate science degree. This course structure is designed to give broad experience in many areas of science, while allowing easy specialisation in polymer chemistry with the KCPC later in the degree.


KCPC has developed Discovery, a web-based tool aimed at introducing the concept of polymers and colloids to high school students.

Short Courses and Symposia

The KCPC is involved in organising and sponsoring courses for professionals and students in polymer science and engineering designed to provide professional development for practising polymer scientists and engineers.

Details of future short courses and symposia will be posted here.