Living in Sydney

Once students make the decision to study at the University, they find that moving to Sydney can be a bit scary. It is important to remember that there are many support services available at the University of Sydney, which can help students get through this difficult period of transition.

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Accommodation anywhere in the metropolitan area can be expensive, but there are opportunities for students to keep their costs down by either living on-campus in residential college accommodation, living in low-cost University owned flats, or in shared households off campus.

The University has six residential colleges and they all encourage Indigenous Australian students to apply for a place. Students should indicate on their application forms that they are Indigenous Australians. Applications close at the end of November each year. Please contact the colleges directly for an application form and scholarship information.

Many of the colleges now offer scholarships for Indigenous students. Please contact the colleges directly for residential applications and scholarship details. Further details can be found on the Colleges and Halls of Residence website.

Another consideration for Abstudy recipients who are accepted into college accommodation, is to convert their payments into the Residential Costs Option. This covers the cost of accommodation, all meals, and a small fortnightly allowance.

Contact your local Centrelink office directly for more information or ring the Abstudy Hotline on 132317.

The University also has several low-cost flats available for rent from between $55-$70 per week. Please contact the Accommodation Office.


Students should utilise the Casual Employment Service which can assist them in finding part time employment.

Noticeboards around the Koori Centre and across campus are also useful for finding part-time work.

The Careers Centre can also assist students with information on traineeships and cadetship programs.

The Koori Centre receives many Employment notices each month and these are sent out to our students via email.