Sharon Galleguillos - Lecturer

Sharon has had wide professional experience and expertise of tertiary, secondary and primary school teaching. Sharon graduated as a primary teacher in Queensland in 1976 and has taught extensively throughout Queensland and New South Wales. She worked for six years as a Senior Education Officer in the Aboriginal Education Unit within the NSW Department of Education and Training helping to develop the 1996 Aboriginal Education Policy.

She is course Convenor for Diploma 1 of the Block Program and is the Lecturer In Charge of the Indigenous Australian Education and Classroom Issues for Koori Kids.

She was invited by the Federal government to review the Books in Homes Australia Pilot Project. The Federal report on the outstanding success of this program was published in 2002, featuring Sharon's evaluation. The Project is proposed to go nationally in 2003/4 benefiting thousands of primary school students in isolated community schools.

Sharon is an active facilitator and mentor and has presented her work on Indigenous research and education at numerous conferences and forums. She works intensively with Indigenous communities and student bodies and is a board member of The Fred Hollows Foundation, PETA (Primary English Teaching Association) and Books in Homes Australia.

Contact Details

Phone: (02) 9351 7011
Toll Free: 1800 622 742
Fax: (02) 9351 6924
Location: Room 213A Old Teachers College