Professional Staff


Louisa Johnson Executive Director

Office of the Dean

Vera Christou Executive Assistant to the Dean
Peter Lead Executive Officer
Flora Grant Development and Alumni Associate

Academic Support

Ruth Machalias Team Leader
Mai Stringer Education Innovation Officer (Mon-Thur)
Cameron Murray eLearning Project Officer
Lata Britto Administrative Officer
Aliyah Leung Administrative Officer
Lana Kolta Administrative Officer
Ly Tran Administrative Officer
Trudy Wiedeman Administrative Officer
Nancy Carrasco Taxation Administrative Support Officer
Katrina Thomas Administrative Assistant


Andy Netherington Facilities & Technical Officer

Finance Group

Tony Cousins Finance Manager
Linda Zong Accountant
Miriam Choi Finance Assistant

Information & Staffing

Margot Harris Team Leader
David Corey Casuals & Visitors Officer
Chris Pile Information & Student Services Officer
Roland Huang Web Officer
Katrina Thomas Information Desk Administrative Assistant

Offshore Programs

Sonya Chater Coordinator

Postgraduate Team

Sue Ng Team Leader
Christine Jones Student Liaison Officer – International / Offshore
Raul Puertas Student Liaison Officer
Sarah Upatham Student Liaison Officer
Chris Pile Student Liaison Officer

Professional Law Programs Team

Natasha de Zilva Team Leader  
Barry Passaris Programs Administrator
Kathleen McDonnell Student Liaison Officer
Donna Wilson Student Liaison Officer – International

Professional Learning & Community Engagement – PLaCE

Carla Viola Manager, Law Events and Professional Learning
Simran Singh Coordinator, Law Events and Professional Learning

Publishing Office

Cate Stewart Publishing Manager

Research Office

Julia Robertson Research Manager
Jenni Sheldon Research Administration Officer

Centres & Institutes

Johanne Brady Administrative Assistant (Monday)
Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law
Lana Kolta Centre Administrator Centre for Asian and Pacific Law
Nancy Carrasco Administrative Support (Taxation)
Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate & Taxation Law
Ly Tran Administrative Officer
Sydney Centre for International Law
Sophie Russell Administrative Assistant
Sydney Institute of Criminology

Research Assistants

Laura Smith-Khan Research Assistant for Professor Mary Crock
Dr Johanna Watson Senior Research Associate for Associate Professor Judith Cashmore
Cherie Toivonen Senior Research Assistant for Associate Professor Judith Cashmore