Separated: Aboriginal childhood separations and guardianship law

Monograph 20


by Antonio D Buti

RRP $49.95 (inc GST) ISBN 9780975196724)

Separated provides new understanding of the separation of Aboriginal children from their families in 20th century Australia. The book places the unresolved issue of Aboriginal childhood removal in the context of guardianship law and the state’s duty to look after those children. It is readily accessible to lay person and specialist alike. The author takes account of legislation, policy debates and official reports relating to Aboriginal child separation practices throughout Australia. The main focus is on Western Australia where the impact of the policy was particularly devastating.

"Separated will be a significant contributor to the debate on the Aboriginal childhood separation issue. For the first time, through this book, we have a comprehensive legal analysis, which superbly identifies and examines the guardianship duties that flow from it. … This book deserves a wide readership and is destined to make a significant impact on contemporary legal thinking and provoke wider community debate on an unfinished issue for all Australians."
Sir Ronald Wilson, Former High Court Justice and Commissioner, National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families

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