Exams and Publication of Results

End-of-Semester Exams

End-of-semester exams are held in the last two weeks of each semester. Exam procedures and key exam dates, including the release of the exam timetable, are available at Examinations.

To access your exam timetable you will need to login to Sydney Student (then go to ‘My Studies’ and ‘Assessments’). Your timetable will include your seat number, time, venue and location of your exam.

Replacement Exams

Students may be granted a replacement exam via the special consideration process. Please note:

  • Replacement exams are usually held three weeks after the original exam date (mid-semester replacement exams may be held earlier).
  • Students who are granted a replacement exam must make themselves available to sit the exam at the date/time scheduled by Sydney Law School.
  • Replacement exams are not always in the same format as the original exam (for example, the replacement assessment for a written exam may be a viva voce exam).

Please refer to the Replacement Exam Timetable -Semester 1 2017

Exam Adjustments for Disability Students

Disability Services helps students who have a disability to access reasonable academic adjustments. Law students who register with Disability Services receive an academic plan for the current semester which outlines reasonable adjustments to be provided for exams as well as non-exam-based assessment.

Students who require academic adjustments are encouraged to register with Disability Services prior to semester commencement or as early as possible once semester has commenced so that adjustments can be provided for any assessment early in the semester.

For further information please visit Disability Support.

Publication of Results -Semester 2 2016

Semester 2 2016 results will be released progressively from Wednesday 7 December 2016.

  • To access your results, login to Sydney Student (then go to 'My Studies' and 'Assessments').
  • Official printed result notices are not mailed to students. If you require an official printed results notice please contact Student Administration.
  • Students querying late or missing results should contact their lecturer directly.