Sydney Law School Graduation Ceremony

Revised: 21 October 2013

Graduation Ceremony
A graduation ceremony is held for law graduands in May and November of each year. To graduate in a ceremony, a student must complete degree requirements at least eight weeks prior to the ceremony date. The 2013 ceremonies will be held on Friday 24 May and Friday 29 November.

Graduation invitation packages (e-invitations) are emailed to graduands approximately three weeks prior to the ceremony date. It is important that you check your email address regularly and ensure your details are up to date. For further details on the formal requirements of the ceremony, the latest ceremony schedule and information on graduating in absentia, please visit the Graduations Office.

The following students are scheduled to graduate on 29 November 2013:

199108581 307193888 310084229 310251044 311137598
200168762 310022002 310225922 310273129  
307143252 310067804 310231396 311066917  

Graduation Ranking
Honours is not awarded in the Juris Doctor. Students are ranked in their graduating cohort for the purposes of postgraduate and scholarship applications, however, this rank is not recorded on a student’s transcript nor is it publically accessible. The ranking is based on the Weighted Average Mark (WAM). All law units of study are weighted equally for the purpose of WAM calculation. The WAM is therefore the mean (average) of results in all law units of study attempted. Units of study with a result of Absent Fail (AF), Discontinued – Fail (DF) are assigned a mark of zero (0) for the purpose of WAM calculation. Units of study with a result of Discontinued –Not Fail (DNF), assessed on a pass/fail basis or undertaken at other institutions (exchange program, cross-institutional study, etc.) do not contribute towards the WAM. For students who transferred from the Sydney LLB to the JD, LLB units undertaken at Sydney Law School will contribute towards the WAM.