Our Research Academics

Academic Research area
Mr Ross Abbs Criminal law and procedure; Sentencing; Torts
Professor Margaret Allars Administrative law; Legal theory; Health law; Constitutional law
Mr Ross Anderson Legal history
Dr Fady Aoun Intellectual property; Market manipulation; Insider trading
Professor Patricia Apps Public economics; Welfare state; Health policy; Law and economics; Taxation; Labour markets; Income distribution
Dr Elisa Arcioni Australian constitutional law and public law
Emeritus Professor Hilary Astor Dispute resolution; Mediation; Family mediation; Family law; Discrimination and the law; Dispute systems design
Ms Irene Baghoomians International human rights law and practice; International humanitarian law; Clinical legal education
Professor Vivienne Bath Chinese law with a focus on investment and commercial law; International business and commerical law; Private international law; International economic law
Dr Christopher Birch Legal philosophy; Legal reasoning; Moral philosophy and law
Associate Professor Celeste Black Income tax law; Environmental taxes; Animal law; Climate Law 
Emeritus Professor Ben Boer International environmental law; Comparative environmental law; Natural and cultural heritage law; Environmental law in the Asia Pacific; Indonesian environmental law; International and domestic law relating to protected areas, soils and forests
Dr Louise Boon-Kuo Criminal law and criminal justice, Migration and citizenship, Transnational policing, Jurisdiction and extraterritorial legal issues
Professor Chester Brown Public international law; International dispute settlement; International arbitration; International economic law; International investment law; Private international law
Mr Micah Burch Income taxation; Tax policy, Taxation of charities; Tax administration; Tax jurisprudence; Constitutional law; US law; Intersection of culture and (income) tax law
Associate Professor Fiona Burns Property; Equity; Succession; Legal history; Elder law
Emeritus Professor Peter Butt Real property; Native title; Conveyancing; Plain legal language; Legal drafting
Professor Simon Butt Indonesian law generally, including constitutional, criminal, civil, human rights, commercial, Islamic and customary (adatlaw); Comparative law - particularly transplanting legal norms between jurisdictions
Dr Sascha Callaghan Mental Health; Disability; Capacity; Autonomy; Health and Medical Law
Emeritus Professor Terry Carney Social security law; Child welfare; Drug law and policy; Mental health law; Adult guardianship; Ageing and disability; Anorexia nervosa; Welfare reform; Welfare-to-work; Social rights; Neoliberalism; Citizenship theory; Therapeutic jurisprudence; Civil commitment
Emeritus Professor John Carter Contract law; Commercial law and restitution
Professor Peter Cashman Litigation; Advocacy; Civil litigation; Class action law; Legal applications of statistical methods and epidemiology; Product liability; Mass torts; Environmental law; Law reform
Professor Judith Cashmore Family law; Child protection and child welfare; Child witness; Children's rights; Children's evidence; Children's participation in legal proceedings
Dr Garner Clancey Crime prevention; Place-based analysis and prevention of crime; Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED); Securitisation; Youth crime; Juvenile justice
Professor Matthew Conaglen Equity; Trusts; Property; Obligations (with a particular interest in Fiduciary Obligations)
Professor Graeme Cooper International tax law; Corporate tax law; Consumption tax law; Income tax law
Associate Professor Ed Couzens International and national wildlife law; Protection of biodiversity; Climate change and biodiversity; Marine protection   
Dr Emily Crawford   International law; International humanitarian law; International criminal law; Non-State actors 
Professor Mary Crock Administration law; Migration law; Refugee law; Human rights; International law; Public law; Comparative law; Children
Professor Thomas Crofts Criminalization; Criminal responsibility; Comparative criminal law; Criminal law reform; Children and criminal law
Dr Penelope Crossley Energy law; Resources law; Regulatory theory; Climate change law; Intersection of energy law and tort law
Professor Michael Dirkis Tax policy; Tax administration; International taxation; Environmental taxes
Dr Olivia Dixon Corporations law; Corporate crime; Financial market regulation; Comparative securities regulation; Regulatory theory
Mr Michael Douglas International dispute resolution; Media law; Obligations
Mr Andrew Dyer Criminal law and procedure; Constitutional/human rights law
Associate Professor Andrew Edgar Administrative law; Environmental planning law
Mr John Eldridge Contract Law; Private Law Theory; Law Reform; Empirical Legal Research
Associate Professor Salim Farrar Islamic law; Human rights; Criminal justice; Comparative criminal justice in Asia
Professor Peter Gerangelos Constitutional law and jurisprudence; The separation of powers; Judicial power; Executive Power
Associate Professor Jamie Glister Equity; Law of trusts
Dr Scott Grattan Property law; Property rights theory
Emeritus Professor Reg Graycar Public law / Administrative law / Constitutional law; Legal systems/processes; Law reform; Legal responses to systemic injuries; Law and gender
Professor David Hamer Evidence and proof; Criminal law and theory; Causation; Legal method; Statutory interpretation; Torts; Legal theory
Ms Emily Hammond Public Law; Administrative Law
Professor Jennifer Hill Australian and US corporate law; Comparative corporate governance; Corporate and financial market regulation; Shareholder rights and powers; Directors' duties; Executive compensation; Takeovers
Dr Grant Hooper Administrative Law; Tort Law; Migration Law
Professor Helen Irving Australian and comparative constitutional law; Gender and Constitutionalism; Constitutional history and theory
Professor David Kinley International and domestic human rights law; Corporations and human rights; Economic, social and cultural rights; Human rights and global finance
Dr Ghena Krayem Multiculturalism; Legal pluralism; Islamic law; Dispute resolution
Ms Miiko Kumar Evidence; Civil and criminal procedure; Comparative evidence law
Ms Patricia Lane Property Law; Native title; Environmental law; Equity; Property regimes and Peace-making; Legal interpretation
Professor Murray Lee Sexting and young people; Policing, public relations and communications; Fear of crime; Crime prevention and the built environment; Confidence in justice; Crime and risk
Professor Bing Ling Chinese and comparative contract law; Chinese civil law; Public international law
Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan Criminal law and theory; Mental incapacity; Legal history
Professor Rosemary Lyster Australian and international climate law; Climate change justice; Energy law; Emissions trading schemes; Carbon pricing; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+); Water law; Genetically modified organisms
Professor Roger Magnusson Public health law, policy and governance; Health law, health policy and ethics; Health and development; Law and non-communicable diseases; End of life decision-making; Qualitative interview-based research related to the areas above
Professor Gail Mason Hate crime, homophobic violence and racist violence; Hate crime law; Feminist and poststructural theory; Law and emotion; Gender, sexuality and law
Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum Industrial law; Labour law; Employment law; Workplace safety; Litigation; Evidence; Industrial citizenship
Professor Sheelagh McCracken Finance law; Commercial law; Personal property securities law
Associate Professor Shae McCrystal Labour law; Employment law
Professor Barbara McDonald Liability for negligence; Tort law and reform; Negligence; Proportionate liability; Professional and fiduciary liability; Remedies and compensation for injury and loss; Trusts, particularly constructive trusts; Media Law: Defamation, privacy, breach of confidence
Dr Carolyn McKay Crime and criminal justice; Technologies in justice; Prisons and penology; Visual criminology; Surveillance and policing; Interdisciplinary research methodologies
Dr James Metzger Civil Procedure; Civil Litigation; Class Actions
Professor Rebecca Millar GST and VAT; Comparative indirect tax law; International tax rules for value added taxes; Tax and development; Tax incentives for R&D
Ms Tanya Mitchell  Criminal law; Criminal procedure; Indigenous people and the law
Mr Oscar Monaghan  Legal history; Settler colonialism; Property law; Queer epistemologies; Indigenous methodologies
Associate Professor Jacqueline Mowbray International law; Human rights law; Legal theory
Professor Luke Nottage Comparative contract law; Comparative product liability; Japanese law; Asian law; International commercial arbitration; Information technology law; Comparative legal education; Comparative corporate governance
Dr Katherine Owens Environmental markets; Water Law; Environmental Law; International Environmental Law; Resources Law; Planning Law
Professor Patrick Parkinson Family law; Child protection; Equity and trusts
Professor Elisabeth Peden Art law; Contract law; Evidence; Personal property
Dr Alison Pert Use of force; Jurisdiction; Immunity in international law; Recognition and non-recognition in international law
Dr Belinda Reeve Health law, ethics, and policy; Public health law and governance; Injury prevention and workplace health and safety; Regulatory theory and empirical studies of regulation; Qualitative research methodologies
Dr Simon Rice Law and social justice; Equality and non-discrimination law; Human rights law; Access to justice; Law reform; Lawyering and legal ethics; Legal education
Professor Joellen Riley Employment contract law; Labour law; Intersections of commercial, corporate and intellectual property law with employment and labour law
Professor David Rolph Defamation; Privacy and breach of confidence; Negligence; Conflict of laws; Copyright; Legal history
Professor Wojciech Sadurski Jurisprudence; Legal theory; Philosophy of law; Political philosophy (especially: liberal political philosophy and theory of justice); Constitutional theory; Comparative Constitutionalism; Constitutionalism of Central and Eastern Europe
Professor Ben Saul Public internatonal law; Counter-Terrorism law; International humanitarian law; International law on the use of force; International criminal law; International human rights law; International environmental law; Law and development
Associate Professor Kristin Savell Health law; Criminal law; Legal theory; Legal personhood
Dr Michael Sevel Legal philosophy; Rule of law; Moral and political philosophy; Admiralty and maritime law
Associate Professor Rita Shackel Psychological and expert evidence; Prosecution of child sexual assault cases; Victims of crime; Children and law; Criminal processes; International criminal justice; Gender based violence; Legal professional responsibility and ethics, Legal education
Emeritus Professor Ivan Shearer Public international law; Law of the sea; Law of armed conflict; International humanitarian law; Human rights law; National security law; Extradition law
Dr Kym Sheehan Executive remuneration; Corporate law; Corporate governance; Contract law; Regulation
Dr Natalie Silver Law, regulation and taxation of nonprofit organisations; Tax aspects of charitable giving; Public policy relating to philanthropic and nonprofit matters
Associate Professor Belinda Smith Anti-discrimination law; Work and family; Labour law
Professor Tim Stephens Public international law; International environmental law; Law of the sea; International dispute resolution; Constitutional law
Professor Cameron Stewart Health law; Ethics; Property and equity, Guardianship law; End-of-Life decision-making; Human tissue regulation
Professor John Stumbles  Equity and commercial law; Bankruptcy and insolvency; The impact of statute on the general law; Personal Property Securities Act; Insolvent trusts: the impact of insolvency law on insolvent trustees and insolvent trust funds; The Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Certain Rights in respect of Securities held with an Intermediary; The UNIDROIT Convention regulating dealings in securities held by intermediaries
Ms Madeline Taylor  Natural Resources Law; Energy Law; Agricultural Policy; Corporate Governance; Comparative Law
Dr Rayner Thwaites Comparative public law; Administrative law and human rights; Citizenship and rights
Professor Anne Twomey Constitutional law; Constitutional history; Electoral law; Federalism; Parliamentary procdeure and practice; Executive power; Monarchy, Crown, republic and decolonisation
Professor Richard Vann Corporate taxation; Taxation of corporate groups; Tax treaties
Dr Kevin Walton Legal philosophy; Political philosophy; Social theory
Ms Nicole Watson Indigenous People and the Law; Indigenous Literature
Professor Kimberlee Weatherall Copyright; Patents; Trade marks; Law and technology; Intellectual property and international trade; Legal history; Empirical legal research; Law and economics
Honorary Associate Professor Alex Ziegert Sociological theory of law; Comparative law and comparative sociology of law; Comparative structure analysis of legal systems; Comparative family studies; Law and social control; Legal education