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All University policy documents relating to higher research degrees are available from the Policy Register. Please select “keyword” then enter Ph.D or Thesis in the search engine.

Please also visit the Graduate Studies Office for more information.

Submission of thesis

Notice of intention to submit thesis

Students are requested to give three months’ notice of the expected date of submission of their thesis by submitting the Notice of intention to submit thesis (doc) to allow the School to make arrangements for the timely appointment of examiners

Last day for thesis submission

Thesis submission date will be at least two working days prior to the last day of the research period for which a student is enrolled in. If you are unable to submit the final thesis by this date, please submit a formal application for extension of candidature at least 3-6 months prior to your candidature lapse. See application forms.

Proof-reading and editorial assistance

If you have sought proof-reading/editorial advice or assistance, the name of the editor and a brief description of the service rendered should be printed as part of the list of acknowledgement in the body (near the front) of the thesis. Please refer to the Proof-reading and Editing of Dissertations and Theses Policy

Length of thesis

It is important to remember that the word limit for the thesis, excluding appendices, is 100,000 words (PhD), 75,000 words (SJD) and 50,000 words (Master’s). The total word count for the thesis should exclude the bibliography, footnote numbers and footnote citations, but discursive footnotes and quotations are included. The footnotes should restart for each chapter/relevant sections of the thesis. Appendices are not included in the word limit.

Writing Style Guide

The text and citations must conform to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition), which can be accessed as a read only PDF here.

Number of copies

The number of bound copies required varies from degree to degree. The resolutions for the PhD require the submission of four copies and SJD/Master’s degrees require three copies.

Submission of temporary thesis for examination

For the purpose of examination, it may be cost effective to submit the thesis in a temporary binding rather than a permanent form. If bound in a temporary form, this should be strong enough to withstand handling and postage. The preferred form of temporary binding is ‘perfect binding’. The thesis should be in font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing and single sided.

A thesis submitted in temporary binding must have a label affixed to the front of the cover, clearly identifying:

Ringback or spiral binding is NOT acceptable.

Please submit thesis to:

Sue Ng
Postgraduate Team Leader
Level 3, Information Desk
Sydney Law School (F10)
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006

Electronic lodgement of final theses with the Library

After all steps of the examination process has been completed and before the official conferral of the award, students will be advised to lodge the following electronic files to Sue Ng, Law Postgraduate Team:

The final thesis file will then be uploaded to the Sydney University Library eScholarship Repository and to be made available for local or open access. See Electronic Lodgement of Final Theses with the Library

Past awarded theses will become available in the Rare Books Section of Fisher Library or Sydney University Library eScholarship Repository (from March 2014).

Printing Service

The University Publishing Service is located on Darlington campus. For enquiries, please contact UPS

For further information, please refer to the Graduate Studies Office