The objectives of the Centre are to undertake, promote and support innovative and important scholarship, including teaching, research, consultancy and advocacy in all areas of commercial, corporate and taxation law. These objectives will include work both within the University of Sydney, with other Centres in Australia and overseas, with the legal profession more generally, and with the wider community both in Australia and internationally. The Centre’s activities may include:

  • Supporting, developing and facilitating the teaching of units in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses of study in the areas of commercial, corporate and taxation law within the School;
  • Sponsoring and conducting conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures and other similar activities;
  • Facilitating visits of distinguished scholars from Australia and overseas;
  • Supporting high quality postgraduate study in the field, including the Master of Laws, Masters of Taxation, Master of International Taxation, Master of Business Law and related Diplomas, and supervising postgraduate research by thesis or dissertation;
  • Advising upon and contributing to the development of the undergraduate curriculum in commercial, corporate and taxation law at the University of Sydney;
  • Engaging in research and inquiry into the impact of commercial, corporate and taxation law on Australia, the Asia Pacific, and the international community, and engaging in that research with other scholars, bodies and groups from outside of The University of Sydney Law School and the University of Sydney;
  • Undertaking a range of external advice, opinion work, consultancies and projects, including some on a pro bono basis, in the areas of commercial, corporate and taxation law within Australia, the Asia Pacific, and other parts of the world, where it is impracticable or impossible to engage in such projects as Sydney Law School projects;
  • Fostering collaborative links with institutions and with fields related to commercial, corporate and taxation law that could not otherwise be developed within the Sydney Law School;
  • Facilitating the publication of papers, reports and other works and supporting other means of dissemination of scholarly publications by use of a distinct marketable and high profile brand name, being the name of the Centre;
  • Supporting the activities, and collaborating with professional associations and societies engaged in promoting commercial, corporate and taxation law;
  • Doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.