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Ross Waite Parsons

Ross Parsons was Professor of Law at the University of Sydney 1961-1986. In that time he established the Australia paradigms for postgraduate coursework legal education and continuing professional development, as well as being Australia’s acknowledged leader in tax law research and a foremost scholar in commercial and corporate law. You can read more about Ross Parsons here.

The degree of Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) was conferred upon Emeritus Professor Ross Parsons at a ceremony held on 12 October 1999 at the Law School. Further details can be found here.

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His income tax notes became the crowning glory of his academic life, Income Taxation in Australia: Principles of Income Deductibility and Tax Accounting. This 1000 page treatise published by the Law Book Company in 1985 is still the source of much of the learning on income tax in Australia despite two decades of tax reform since, and is constantly quoted by judges in all levels of courts. It is also available electronically.