Law & Business at Sydney Law School 2014

Sydney Law School offers an innovative and internationally recognised program in Law and Business. The aim of the program is to equip students with expertise to practise business law in a global environment. Students interested in law and business can choose from a wide array of units in the areas of:

  • corporate governance and regulation
  • corporate finance, securities law, acquisitions, restructuring and insolvency
  • international business law and practice

In addition, Sydney Law School hosts a vibrant and continuous Law and Business conference and seminar program, which includes eminent Australian and international speakers.

Law and Business units are taught by a distinguished and experienced group of Resident, Adjunct, and International Faculty members.

Resident Faculty Members include:

Adjunct Faculty members comprise a range of experts in the law and business field, including judges, barristers, solicitors and regulators. The Adjunct Faculty also includes Robert Austin, who is a Senior Legal Consultant at Minter Ellison and Challis Lecturer in Corporate Law at Sydney Law School.

In 2014, International Faculty Members will include:

  • Mr Ron Barusch, former Partner of Skadden Arps and Wall Street Journal columnist;
  • Mr J.J de Vries Robbé, FMO (Netherlands);
  • Associate Professor Ian Lee, University of Toronto, Canada;
  • Professor Kent Greenfield, Boston College Law School, USA;
  • Professor Frank Partnoy, University of San Diego, USA;
  • Dr Peter Harris, University of Cambridge, UK.

Students can undertake single units to gain qualifications with respect to a range of degrees and diplomas offered by Sydney Law School.

Students can also enrol in single units as part of their professional development under the Legal Professional Development program (LPD). Single unit study students are not required to undertake assignments or examinations.

The number of programs in area of law and business includes:

Course Name Course Code CRICOS Code
Master of Laws (Coursework) (JC030) 006449G
Master of Global Law (JC033) 068712F
Master of Business Law (JC032) 050921M
Master of International Business and Law (FC073) 074086K
Graduate Diploma in Law (JF003) 008403E
Graduate Diploma in Corporate, Securities & Finance Law (JF006) 028452G
Graduate Diploma in International Business Law (JF009) 029885G