Knowledge translation of research findings

Community-led film productions to improve health literacy about substance use, mental health and related issues in Arnhem Land Northern Territory

(Original research and health promotion)

This work is based on an approach taken to feedback to communities about studies of cannabis use in remote NT.

Film productions are based on local ideas and incorporate findings from locally conducted substance use research.

Health issues explored include: problem drinking (complete), coping with stress and grief (complete), tobacco sickness (complete), being safe on the road and at sea including drink and drug driving (in production) and cannabis trafficking (in development).

Publications underway.

View a preview of 'Anija' (one family’s struggle to cope with problem drinking).

Sharing knowledge translation approaches with Canadian First Nation Inuit in Nunavut, Canada

(Canadian government research support grant)

For the “Understanding Canada-Canadian Studies Program”, Dr Lee co-facilitated a series of meetings organised with Queens University (Canada), University of Guelph (Canada) and an Inuit community in the Arctic Circle.

The purpose of this project was to foster research dialogue between Australian and Canadian researchers about knowledge translation approaches.

View a short film about this project ** scroll down to the very bottom of the page