Dr Kirsten Morley

Research Fellow
Addiction Medicine, Central Clinical School

C39 - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9515 3636
F: +61 2 9515 8970
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Biographical details

Research interests

I conduct clinical research in the efficacy and bio-behavioural basis of treatments for substance use and associated comorbidities (psychiatric: suicide risk, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances and physiological: liver disease). Areas of expertise include: randomised controlled trials; psychopharmacology; psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy of substance use and mental health.

Teaching areas

Lecture Research Inquiry in the Masters of Neuroscience program for Brain and Mind Research Institute since 2012-present, Anti-craving Agents for Alcohol Dependence 2007-2010.


Psychiatry; Substance abuse and addiction; Clinical psychology; Alcohol; Mental disorders


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