Elective Units of Study

The Discipline of Biomedical Sciences offers electives to all students of the University of Sydney. Students must obtain the approval of their Faculty before enrolling in a Discipline of Biomedical Sciences elective unit.

There are two types of electives. The first have been designed specifically as elective units. These are generally focused on specific topics. These electives may be offered as on-campus units at Cumberland, with timetabled classes, or in distance mode, enabling students to study at a time that suits them. Students wishing to enroll in units must ensure that there are no clashes between timetabled classes. Students enrolling in distance units must be available to undertake scheduled examinations and submit required assignments. Please note that these elective units are only offered if enrollments are sufficient. If you wish to enroll in these units you should do so as early as possible.

The second group of electives are core units offered on-campus at Cumberland. These are units that are offered in order to meet requirements of specific degree programs. Provided there is no excessive overlap in content with core units the student is required to study, or with other electives already undertaken, students are free to enroll in these units. Before doing so, students should seek the approval of their academic advisor, and ensure that their timetable permits them to attend lectures, practical classes and tutorials.

Elective units are also available to study for overseas students.