Teaching in Biomedical Science


The Discipline of Biomedical Sciences is responsible for teaching anatomy, physiology and other basic sciences to students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences. These fundamental sciences form the foundation of professional health care practice.

Units of study are integrated to give students the opportunity to develop a complete overview of the topic being taught. In most units, the bulk of the teaching takes the form of lectures, practical classes and tutorials. The Discipline is particularly proud of its anatomy laboratory, which gives students the chance to maximize their learning by studying cadaver specimens. Most units of study are supported by a dedicated e-learning website that includes lecture and practical notes, learning objectives, revision and self-learning activities and sample examination questions.

Units of Study in the Discipline are structured in order to maximize enrollment flexibility, with most being offered in both semesters. Students may choose the semester in which they wish to enroll subject to the requirements of other units in their programs. Many core units are also offered as electives to permit students to develop special expertise in areas of their interest.