Biomedical Science Units of Study

Essential Requirement for Laboratory Classes

  • It is an essential requirement that you are familiar with the gown and glove policy that operates in the Anatomy and Microbiology Laboratories.
  • Click here to view the 'gown and glove movie' - requires Quicktime. The movie is used with permission from the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology, School of Medical Sciences.

The Biomedical Science units of study listed below are linked to the University's Future Student website, where you can find information about each unit.

Unit number  Unit name          
BIOS1155                Structure, Function and Disease A              
BIOS1158 Structure, Function and Disease B
BIOS1163 Speech Science
BIOS1165 Hearing Science & Audiology
BIOS1166 Neuroscience 1 for CD
BIOS1167 Human Cell Biology
BIOS1168 Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy A
BIOS1169 Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy B
BIOS1170 Body Systems
BIOS1171 Neuroscience
BIOS1172 Biological Aspects of Ageing
BIOS1173 Disease in Ageing
BIOS2062 Neuroscience 2 for CD
BIOS2115 Embryology
BIOS3063 Project Design & Management
BIOS3065 Anatomical Analysis of Exercise
BIOS3066 Current Issues in Healthcare
CSCD5018 Core Studies (Postgraduate)
BIOS5041 Ageing, Biology & Health (Postgraduate)
BIOS5090 Clinically Oriented Musculoskeletal Anatomy A (Postgraduate)
BIOS5091 Clinically Based Neuroscience (Postgraduate)
BIOS5092 Bio Sciences for Health Professionals (Postgraduate)