Enrolment for postgraduates

including Dentistry (coursework and research), Nursing & Pharmacy (research only)

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Enrolment (for new students and those returning from a period of absence, e.g. suspension)

Once you have been given an offer of admission, you will be required to enrol in your course prior to commencement. Detailed enrolment instructions will be sent to you by the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit in advance of the enrolment day. In most cases, this means that you must attend the University in person on a specific enrolment day. If you are unable to attend on that day please contact the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit to make alternative arrangements.

On the enrolment day, you will be asked to check and complete your enrolment forms, and will be given your student card.

If you are a coursework student you will need to choose the units of study that you will be undertaking during the year. Please refer to your Faculty's handbook for unit of study information relating to your course prior to the enrolment day. You will need to provide unit of study codes, names and sessions.

Students will be sent an invoice for the semester's course fees approximately two weeks after they have enrolled.

If you wish to take out FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP you will be given forms to complete on the enrolment day and will need your Tax File Number (for more information visit the Going To Uni website).

Enrolment by e-mail and phone is available to students living outside the Sydney metropolitan area or undertaking distance courses. Detailed enrolment instructions will be sent to you by the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit in advance of the enrolment period. In order to enrol in this way, you should first email the with your choice of units of study (including names, codes and the session, see your Faculty's handbook for details), for the full calendar year. Then, during the specified dates, call the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit to proceed with the enrolment.

Distance students who wish to take out FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP will be sent forms to complete prior to enrolment; please complete the relevant form and forward it to the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit prior to enrolment (for more information visit the Going To Uni website).

Pre-enrolment (for continuing students)

You must re-enrol every year that you remain a candidate for a degree and to do so you are required to pre-enrol online. In October you will receive advice about pre-enrolment for the following academic year which is accomplished through the MyAdmin section of MyUni. You should aim to complete this before the end of November. If you fail to pre-enrol you will be required to attend the University in person.

NB: It is your responsibility to regularly check your University email account and also to update your contact details at MyUni. If you do not do this you will not receive any of the documentation regarding pre-enrolment.

Once you have successfully pre-enrolled, the Student Centre will send you confirmation of enrolment and an invoice for your course fees by late January or early February. If you receive these you will not be required to attend the university to enrol in-person.

You will be required to pay the amount shown on the invoice by the date shown – usually within two weeks of the invoice being generated in January or February for pre-enrolment.

Payment methods can be found on the student administration payment methods and refunds page.

The refund policy for international students is available for postgraduate coursework and for postgraduate research.

Circumstances in which pre-enrolment is not permitted

You are not permitted to pre-enrol if:

  • You are commencing a new degree.
  • You are returning to study after a period of suspension.
  • You have gone beyond the latest date for submitting your thesis.
  • In all these cases you will be required to enrol in person at the university on enrolment day.

Pre-enrolment and candidature variation

Please note that pre-enrolment only allows you to maintain your current enrolment – it does not allow you to make changes to your enrolment. If, once you have pre-enrolled, you wish to change your candidature (i.e. transfer to another degree, suspend or extend your candidature, or as a research student change from FT to PT or PT to FT or spend time away from the university) you must complete a candidature variation form, obtain the necessary approvals and submit it to the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit.

For more information go to:

Do not delay in pre-enrolling simply because you are awaiting approval for a change to your candidature. The Postgraduate Student Administration Unit can make changes to your candidature after you have pre-enrolled up until 31 March (for changes to Semester 1) and 31 August (for changes to Semester 2).

Pre-enrolment for research candidates

Are you about to submit your thesis?

All candidates must be currently enrolled to be eligible to submit a thesis. Your enrolment in any given year will lapse on 31 March. Therefore, if you are sure that you will submit your thesis before 31 March, you will NOT be required to pre-enrol in the following year. Candidates who submit before 31 March are automatically placed "under examination" and are not required to have an active enrolment the following year.

If you are at all unsure about whether you will submit before 31 March, then you should pre-enrol to secure your enrolment for the following year. If you then submit your thesis before 31 March, your status as "currently enrolled" will automatically be changed to "under examination". At this point international students may then apply to the International Office for a refund of any fees paid.

Pre-enrolment for coursework candidates

What if I’m unsure about which units of study I want to do next year?

You should pre-enrol in the units of study that you think you will undertake in the following year. If you change your mind, you may vary your enrolment [[http://www.medfac.usyd.edu.au/pg/student/studentlogin|online]] or in person at the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit, up until the applicable HECS census date (i.e. 31 March for changes to Semester 1 and 31 August for changes to Semester 2).

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment is correct before these dates. After the HECS census date you will not be able to change your enrolment and will be financially liable for all the units of study in which you are enrolled.

Failure to enrol

If in any year you fail to enrol, your candidature will be regarded as having lapsed, and you will be required to apply for reinstatement to candidature if you wish to continue your studies. Please contact the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit if you wish to be reinstated into your course.

Failure to pay fees

If you enrol but fail to pay your course fees as shown on your invoice by the due date, your enrolment will be cancelled. Cancellation is not the same as formal withdrawal, suspension or deferral. Cancellation means that you are still regarded as liable for all financial charges should you be reinstated, although there is no automatic right of reinstatement to your course. You are also denied access to your past academic record and all university facilities. If you are permitted to return as a student, a charge of $100, plus all other outstanding charges will have to be paid.

Vaccination against infectious diseases

Before starting your clinical placement (if applicable), you are required to comply with the NSW Department of Health's Policy Directive: Occupational Assessment, Screening & Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases.

Participation in screening and vaccination according to the Directive is a prerequisite for students for clinical placement in the facilities of NSW Health. Failure to comply with the requirements of the Directive may jeopardise completion of your studies.

The Directive requires that you consult your local doctor to obtain proof of your immunity status and/or be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis B, influenza and tuberculosis. Tuberculosis screening must be conducted by your local Chest Clinic. Once established, proof of immunity or vaccination must be carried with you at all times when on placement in the facilities of NSW Health and will be required prior to this placement. A "Record Card" will be provided at enrolment for this purpose. The Directive can be accessed at www.health.nsw.gov.au/policies/index or for further information, contact your local Public Health Unit under "Health" in the White Pages.

Criminal record check

Important announcement:

Dear Students,
With effect from 1 June 2010, the NSW health department has a new criminal record check procedure.
Your current clinical placement card issued by the department is VALID for the remainder of your course.
However, if you misplaced/lost/ need another copy of the placement card, you would need to follow the new procedure.

For more information, Please visit :

NSW Police

NSW Health

All health care workers, including students who undertake training or fieldwork in the NSW health care system, are required to be subject to a criminal record check as a condition of gaining access to NSW Department of Health facilities. Depending on the nature of the offence for which a conviction has been recorded, the NSW Department of Health has the right not to accept a health care student or worker for placement in the NSW health care system in certain circumstances. All students affected by this policy will receive, as part of their enrolment package, a form from the NSW Department of Health consenting to a criminal record check. The NSW Department of Health requires you to complete, sign and return the enclosed form directly to the NSW Department of Health as soon as possible after receipt. Failure to do so could mean a delay or non-acceptance by the NSW Department of Health of your application for a placement. Non-acceptance of a student under this policy could affect that student’s academic progress. Accordingly, you are urged to contact the Medical School if you have any concerns or if you wish to obtain a full copy of the NSW Department of Health’s policy. Enquiries concerning this policy can also be directed to the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA).

The University is not involved in this checking process and it will not be given any information about students on whom an adverse criminal record report is made. This information will be retained by the NSW Department of Health, which is legally entitled to hold such records and the NSW Department of Health will correspond directly with adversely affected students. The University, in consultation with SUPRA, has established protocols to enable students affected by the policy to receive appropriate advice and support and, if necessary, to enable them to transfer their enrolment to another course. These protocols were implemented in 1998.

Prohibited employment declaration

The NSW Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 regulates the employment of “prohibited persons” in “child-related employment”. Under the Act a “prohibited person” is a person who has committed a serious sex offence. “Child related employment” means employment, paid or unpaid, which involves direct contact with children, where that contact is not directly supervised. The Act specifically includes persons undertaking practical training as part of an education or vocational course within its definition of employment. Under the Act, the University must, before referring a student to a child-related placement, require that student to disclose whether or not he or she is a “prohibited person”. Further, if the University becomes aware that a student is a “prohibited person” it must not refer that student to a child-related placement.

It follows from the above that if you are enrolling in, or are already enrolled in, a course which requires you to undertake a placement in a setting where you are in direct contact with children you are required to complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration form and return it to the university.