When the award of the degree, graduate diploma or graduate certificate has been approved the Registrar will write advising you of this and will send you details of the next conferring ceremony at which you may graduate. Alternatively, you may apply to have your degree conferred in absentia, i.e. without attending a graduation ceremony. Please note that you cannot graduate in absentia and attend a ceremony.

Until the degree, graduate diploma or graduate certificate has been conferred on you, you are not entitled to call yourself a graduate in that qualification or to use the title of the course.

Sydney Medical School usually schedules two days for graduation ceremonies every year, one in April or May with two or three ceremonies, and one in November or December.


For further information regarding academic dress hire, graduation luncheons and photographs, visit the Graduations section of the Student Centre web site.

Important note
A graduation invitation package giving full details of the ceremony, academic dress hire and guest tickets will be sent out to you two to three weeks prior to the ceremony. For this reason, you must ensure that the Student Centre has your correct mailing address.