Research Training Opportunities for HDR Students

AMSI Internship Program
HDR Students can apply for a TechVoucher for up to $15,000 to enable them to undertake a short (4-5 month) AMSI Internship in industry. Please see TechVoucher flyer or go to the AMSI website for more details. Contact Mark Owens, Business Development officer (NSW) for further information.

Training opportunities
Training opportunities for HDR students are provided by courses and workshops offered by the University or by individual Schools and Disciplines. Please contact your PGC or local postgraduate administrator for further information. Training needs may also be met by attending workshops or courses outside the University.

Learning Centre
The Learning Centre provides a range of workshops on academic writing, oral communication and other research skills, including workshops for non English speaking background students. The workshops are provided at no cost to enrolled students.

Careers Centre
The Careers Centre runs workshops that could be useful for final year students such as writing a resume, interview skills and applying for graduate work.

Counseling and Psychological services (CAPS) Workshops
CAPS runs workshops that deal with problems commonly faced by HDR students such as building skills for postgraduate research success, managing procrastination, speaking confidently, handling conflict.

University Library
The University library offers a range of online research training modules including Endnote and database searching for journal articles.