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Medical students are no different from many other students who may sometimes find themselves in difficult circumstances at some time in their lives. Students commonly encounter a number of issues which can cause distress. These include academic or administrative problems, study difficulties and balancing work, study and life. On top of this students may have personal difficulties such as relationship problems with peers, family issues, difficulties managing emotions and ongoing problems with anxiety, stress, shyness, depression, low self esteem etc.

The Office of Medical Education has a strong commitment to student support to ensure that all of our students have the best opportunity for successfully completing their studies. Along with a number of our academic staff who can provide support directly to students, the University of Sydney also provides a broad range of support services to students.

It is vital that students seek support as soon as they need it. Many difficulties can be resolved very quickly if identified early enough. However, even if a problem has existed for a long period of time, the Office of Medical Education will work with the student to try and resolve it.

These Student Support pages provides students with information on the full range of support services available to them, usually at no cost. Students should take the time to familiarise themselves with what services are available, and avail themselves of these when necessary.

Students facing difficulties that prevent them from attending their PBL groups or Clinical Schools, should notify their relevant Sub Dean as soon as possible.

The Sub Deans for Stage 1 and Stage 2 are the initial point of contact for students in those Stages needing advice ranging from academic progress issues, to health and well-being, financial difficulties, career advice and many other issues. Their contact details are as follows:

Sub-Deans Year 1

Associate Professor Frank Lovicu

Dr Deborah Bryce

Sub-Deans Year 2

Associate Professor Suzanne Abraham

Associate Professor Kevin Keay

Clinical Schools and Stage 3

Each Clinical School also has structures in place to assist students – students should approach their Year co-ordinator at the Clinical School if requiring support with Clinical School matters.

Clinical School Contacts

Information on 'Staying on Track' and 'Students at Risk' Policies