About the Fund

Professor Dennis Yue and staff members

The Endocrinology and Diabetes Research Foundation was a Division of Sydney Medical School Foundation at the University of Sydney. The Foundation was established to support research in diabetes with the goal of preventing vision loss, kidney failure, heart disease and amputation resulting from this disease.

The Foundation supported both clinical and laboratory research and was active in promoting the training of young scientists and clinicians in this field.

On 22 April 2013 the Endocrinology and Diabetes Research Foundation was absorbed by Sydney Medical School Foundation.

To donate to endocrinology and diabetes research at Sydney Medical School please visit the Sydney Medical School Foundation website by clicking here.


The objectives of endocrinology & diabetes research at Sydney Medical School are to support clinical and laboratory research to achieve these goals :

Preventing amputation
Each year approximately 3000 Australians with diabetes will require an amputation. Many other would have foot ulceration or ischaemia, greatly affecting their quality of life.

Preventing blindness
Diabetic eye diseases remain the most common cause of vision loss in young people.

Preventing heart disease
Heart disease is responsible for much of the increased mortality and morbidity due to diabetes.

Preventing kidney failure
Diabetes is now the commonest cause of kidney failure in the world.