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Our vision for Nepean Clinical School is to become one of Australia’s premier destinations for health, education and medical research within the next 10 years.
Our aim is to deliver world-class research to Nepean, benefiting our region - its patients, families and the healthcare system – and beyond. This research translates from bench to bedside, providing the most advance clinical care to patients.
As part of the University of Sydney, which is in the top 1% of research universities in the world, we collaborate with expert professors, doctors and researchers to bring the latest research and treatments to Nepean, and welcomes any inquiries of interest.
Our researchers participate in nationally and internationally funded research; current NHMRC Grants total over $3 million, and professors at SMSN want to take the lead on a number of projects in areas of our research strength, which include:

2.Intensive / Critical Care
3.Neurosciences and mental health
4.Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
5.Reproductive, maternal and child health
6.Addiction Medicine and Gastroenterology

Other areas of research at Nepean include endocrinology (autoimmune diseases, such as Graves’ Disease and thyroid diseases), urology, gastroenterology (e.g. Hepatitis C) and surgery.

Research funding accelerates innovation. Thanks to the support of our community and foundations, like the NMRF and OZWAC, and our success in research grants, developments in research at Sydney Medical School Nepean have expanded at a rapid pace since Nepean became a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney in 1992.


Sub-Dean Research: Professor Ralph Nanan

Head of School, Associate Dean : Associate Professor Stephen Fuller

Research Support Officer / MD Program Research Admin Officer : Susan Dowd

Postgraduate and MD Admin Officer :Maree Yabsley


Director: Professor Ralph Nanan
Project Manager: Dr Anthea Karlov

  • Fetal origins of diseases
  • How maternal factors influence fetal growth patterns
  • The impact of the internet/Apps on medical care
  • The immunology of pregnancy
  • Phenotypic and functional analysis of regulatory T cells in adults and newborns
  • The effects of maternal obesity in Perinatal medicine
  • The immunology of miscarriage
  • The effects of climate on pregnancy
  • Maternal-fetal evolutionary conflict

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Professor Nanan's TV interview on Allergies


Head of the Nepean Node of the Marie Bashir Institute:Associate Professor Benjamin Tang

We are delighted to announce the launch of MBI Nepean, which will be led by Associate Professor Benjamin Tang, assisted by Professor Ralph Nanan. MBI Nepean will focus initially on the pathogenesis and diagnosis of severe respiratory virus infections, and links to the CPC Nepean initiative that investigates the establishment of the neonatal microbiome – in particular its influence on the developing immune system and susceptibility to childhood infections.

This represents a major milestone for the MBI.

MBI Nepean will be the first new campus to join the original three (Westmead, Camperdown and Camden) that started the collaborative network helping to grow a successful partnership with infectious diseases, immunology and biosecurity community in the west.


For donors, there are many opportunities to "support our research", such as establishing a pilot study for a clinical trial or providing scholarships for PhD students or fellowships for early career researchers.

To make a donation or find out more please Click Here or call our Development professional, Associate Director of Development : Rebecca Palser

2015 Nepean Annual Scientific Day - Friday 13th November

Prizes and Awards

2015 NBMLHD Prizes

2015 NMRF Grant Recipients

2015 Isobel Corin Travel Grant Recipients




Visiting Scholars

Reza Shakib - Iran
Yoshitake - Japan
Kyra - Belgium
Olivia - New York
Camille - Belgium
Suneetha Rachaneni - UK
Philip Rahmanou - UK
Glefy Furtado - UK
Chin Hing Yong - NZ
Sissel Oversand - Norway
Cristina Ortiz - Spain
Natharnia Young - AUS
Candice Chatel
Teerayut Temtanakitpaisan
Paka Chandhana -US
Maciej Jozwik -PL
Martyna Stankiewicz -PL
Mariangeles Gomez -Argentina
Alejandro Patillo - Chile
Michelle Severino - Philippines
Pakeeza Alam - USA
Anna Liza C.Salita - Philippines
Li Tan - China
Dawn Chia - Singapore
Dr Morounfolu Thompson - UK
Dr Gerda Trutnovsky - Austria
Anna Pilzek - USA
Dr Diyana Docheva - Canada
Professor Gomez Montes (Fercho) - Colombia
Dr Kelly Hankins - USA